Play Free Backgammon Multiplayer Online

Backgammon Multiplayer – the Top Free Board Game for Online Gamblers

Backgammon is probably the most favorite board game in the world. It is especially popular in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The game is played by two players who aim to move all checkers to their home board and take them away.

Backgammon Multiplayer is a video version of this famous game. It gives multiple benefits to gamblers, including live tournaments and social functions. In the training rooms, you usually have an opportunity to get some gaming practice. If you are not sure about your skills, you should learn more about a multiplayer game first.

Backgammon Multiplayer Rules

To start the game, you will get a board with outer and home quadrants,15 checkers, and a pair of dice. Your opponent will get the same game set. After deciding on who goes first, players start rolling the dice to see how many spaces they can move with the checkers. The movement then goes clockwise or counter-clockwise.

You are free to decide how exactly to make your moves, as each die roll happens to be a single movement action available to your pieces. You can sum the dice results and use them on a single checker, but it will be viewed as a two-movement action. Whenever you roll doubles, the movement value is automatically doubled. For example, if the roll is 2 and 2, you will treat this as a two-movement action with a space value of 4 for each.

Backgammon Multiplayer Online Experience

When you decide to try your luck with Backgammon Multiplayer, you should be familiar with the rules followed in the traditional game. Then, you will choose a suitable mode for yourself.

Online resources supporting Backgammon Multiplayer Game usually have free modes where players can develop or improve their skills. Without paying a single cent, you can play the game for free against the computer in the training room or with your friends in the custom room. Once you are ready for a big game, you can switch into a paid format and play against real opponents.